Wente RR - 35+ 1/2/3

Wente Vineyards Road Race

Scott Bromstead

35+ 1/2/3

Saturday, April 26, 2014

15 mile loop through the hills east of Livermore finishing with mile long climb up Carroll road.

2013: 22nd (35+ 1/2/3)

2012: 21st (Cat 3)

Windy.  Clear, slightly chilly.

Berkman & Hobbs



Try to get into an early break, otherwise hang on and go for it on the last climb.  this is typically a race of attrition, so not much teammates can do for each other here.  Spoke about this with Berkman & Hobbs pre-race and they agreed.


The first lap was super hot almost right out of the chute.  When we hit the climb for the first time, about 5 miles in, I'm over 400 watts for extended periods, thinking, I should warm up more before these things.  But it seemed like everyone was suffering and nobody got dropped nor got off the front.  I heard Hobbs had joined us about halfway through the first lap.  Some minor attacks, but nothing got far.  I played around near the front hoping for someone else to work with, but nothing materialized.  I led down the hill on Flynn Rd the first time through as I like to do, but didn't do any real work.  On the second lap, Phipps & Dapice were attacking the hills and Jeromy Cottell got off the front solo for a bit.  I tried to bridge to him, but ended up really just pulling the group back to him.  I had a gap, but it was not big.  More attacking on the big roller on Greenville Rd, which Hobbs came to the front a nailed back for us, driving hard tempo.  Group was definitely already getting smaller.  More of the same from Phipps, Dapice, Metcalfe on the third lap, but each time groups would form they would just re-join on the next downhill section.  The last lap, I got gapped a bit on the Flynn climb, but got back on easily with Jacob and Greg McQuaid helping out.  It seemed like everyone was looking to Phipps to chase down any attacks on the flats near the end, with Jesse Moore, Kevin Metcalfe, Nick Theobald, Andres Gil & Jeromy Cottell all trading jumping off the front.  Right after the turn from Greenville to Altamont Pass Road, when the group was only about 18 left, Jeromy Cottell attacks again and ends up staying away.  This was about 4k from the finish, all uphill.  I sat in basically completely exhausted praying for the finish line and gave it everything on Carroll Rd the last time up.  I went around Metcalfe with about 150 meters to go for 8th.