My Posse Won Districts

(Play video above and read along below)

Me and Oli Ryan, my friend the British chap
I’m on the black Venge Vias with the SRAM eTap
I'm calling up the posse, it's time to get racin’
A team full of beasts, to keep you suckas trippin'
Everybody's looking if you're jealous turn around
The 64 wheels keep us closer to the ground
We’re getting good grip from the turbo cotton tires
The GU juice pumping but I need the caffeine higher
Cause the CapoForma team kit makes the girlies get dumb
We're rolling to the start and the jealous wanna get some
Every time we do this sucka masters wanna battle
We’re the team they love to hate, the TMB that you can’t rattle
We headed off the start on Parker Flat Rd
Heading for the win, yes we're in cruisin’ mode
The field’s kinda crowded, the whole pack was kinda stacked
Amatelli’s watching T.V. with two girlies on his lap
On Eucalyptus Rd the set looks kinda dead
We need a new attack so posse move ahead
We all look kinda swass the crew you can't forget
The TMB posse cold rippin’ up the set


My posse’s winning Districts
My posse’s winning Districts

Rollin’ in, my posse was getting kinda bored
There's not another posse with more points scored
We don't ride around like pack fodder or flex like big gorillas
My homeboy Oli Ryan is the British blurple killa
Luigi’s on the move his bike dancing like a freak
The girlies see his booty and their knees get weak
Cox is the white guy people think he’s funny
An animal doctor who’s attacks are hella money
Clocking lots a watts, he got a big gap
We cruising in the field and markin’ all the moves
Wheeling past the start, saw nothing in the pack
The competition got mad from watching Cox attack
Cause the Scott man got ‘em and their watts just drop
The teams look depressed cause our crew won’t stop
For lap after lap, the Doc held his gap
Josh shouted Mustard Flowers it's time to get slapped
Oli blew me a kiss he said I looked fit
He’s looking mighty freaky in his TMB kit
The closer that we get, the crazier I feel
My posse's winning Districts, it's time to get ill


My posse’s winning Districts
My posse’s winning Districts

Following the chase and my wheels spin slow
Rolling with your posse is the only way to go
The others finally caught him he was looking for a ride
We even picked him up but then attacked the other side
We attacked up the left, we attacked up the right
We attacked up the middle and made them suckas bite
The posse’s getting stronger, the attacks are getting fierce
My brakes ain’t dragging and my tires ain’t pierced
Other racers getting’ tired from TMB’s dishin’
I attack on the left, a little bit of fishin’
But Baker was done, And so was Jer-o-my
They said, "Please stop this racing ‘cause we’re getting too damn tired"
The finish is the place were the cool hang out
The swass like to play and the fast flaunt clout
I get a big gap, so big we count by twos
We're getting dirty looks from those other sucker crews
My gap got big, like over a minute
Skeezer from another crew attacked hard but missed it
The others were illin’, kept trying to close it down
My homeboys TMB cold marked them down like clowns
Cause I never liked a dude who wouldn’t pull through
If you don't have legs then let us crush your world
I help the gap for laps, 2 to be exact
I crossed the line alone and Beardo starts to cheer
Boy I got a def posse you got a bunch a dudes
You're broke cold crying about the TMB blues
Ya couldn’t hang with us and now you got a cramp
The TMB posse just won the District champs


My posse won Districts
My posse won Districts