Cantua Creek RR Lowdown

Written by Dana Martin

I'm overflowing with pride and excitement over our first p/1/2/3 race as TMBW and Angel's first p/1/2/3 race ever!

The plan was for Ivy and Angel to do their best to cover gaps and chase breaks, and for me to lead out Kim (first choice, or myself) to the line for a good finish. 

The finish was tough as this course had some false flats that wore on all, and there was a men's group scattered on the course so it was a bit chaotic. Thanks to all the work of the team, we were able to round out 5th place. 

Big kudos to Shelagh for a strong finish without teammates in the Cat 4 race. Sounds like she has learned enough to give others advice and will likely be forming alliances in the pack for some great finishes.

We all agreed in our post race debrief, the pack skills and communication were outstanding - steady, calm, assertive and all positive, which makes all the difference. We all had a blast together - and THAT is winning. Big thanks to Coach Dana for setting us up for success and guidance on our race strategy going into this race.