CCCX Circuit race #1


CCCX Circuit race #1




Sunday, March 2nd, 2014


Angel Garbarino


4.3 mile loop, for 75 minutes, Several rollers, but no climbs that were sustained, or serious terrain features.


2013: 1st Cat 4


Cloudy, fair weather, some wind.


Andrea Turner, raced 1st race as Cat 4, with her group, but not racing together (our group did an additional lap).


Team - help Andrea on a sprint if I was with her at that time.

Personal - Only 3 girls including myself - no point options - so practice attacking and sprints.


Aggressive on the downhills, get them excited to wear each other out on the hills, and sprint for the finish.


Sadden to only have 3 girls including myself in the race.  Knew that points would not be an option because of the low turnout, so turned this into a practice race.  Awkward at the start because we race with the pack of 18+ Cat 4 girls.  Practiced racing as if I was apart of their race, and on the last lap, go out of the way. The other two ladies and I catted briefly into our last lap whether we’d play cat and mouse to the finish or decide on a sprint location.  Though friendly, nobody trusted anyone, so there were some mild attacks.  I won this same race last year by getting a gap on the final descent and sprinting in for the finish.  I tried that same strategy this year, and they caught me going into the climb for the sprint.  My strategy backfired, and I essentially lead them into the sprint for the finish. Good practice race, but not my smartest move at the end.  


I need to conserve better early in the race.  I attacked once and chased two or three times.  

I need to wait for the finish sprint, took it too early on this one.  

When my power meter says low battery, it really means it’s dead.