2016 Berkeley Hills Road Race

images: Alex Chiu

Shelagh swims 'round the Bears to a second place finish in the 3's

We were with the Masters 1/2/3 35+ so we had a good size field that was being scored separately. Lots of hill climbers to keep an eye on. The race started well with a high pace set by Mak!

The first Bear approached and a couple Master Thirsty Bears moved to the front along with Illi, the 3 who has been kicking it this year. I moved up with them and we had a slight gap along with two other riders - both a Masters and 3.

We did another Bear and we had a clear break from then on. Everyone worked well, rotating through even through the rain that eventually soaked us. On the last Papa Bear pass with one lap to go, Illi and the the two Thirsty Bears had a gap then followed by myself and the other Masters. The two of us chased but couldn't quite catch - I was really satisfied to just stay ahead of the other 3.

We rolled over the Bears for the last time and we were exhausted, wet, and cold but with content smiles.  Huge thanks to the sponsors that make this spring classic fun; Equator for caffeinating us, ProBar for fueling us, Osmo for recovering us, Capo for clothing us, and Mikes Bikes for our incredible bike maintenance so that riding through horrendous rain storms doesn't destroy our frames.  Also, although it was quite impossible to see through the rain and tire spray, our Smith Optics keep our eyes covered so that we can stay upright and safe as possible.